The Stand, Brilliant...Long.

The Stand Cover Read: September 2 – 20th, 2013

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I have always wanted to read a Stephen King book and now that I’ve committed myself to reading 26 books in 26 weeks, there could not not be a better time. Stephen King’s collection of works is quite large and with very little prior knowledge of any of them I simply chose the one that appeared to be the most popular, The Stand.

The fact that it is over 800 pages is a little intimidating. In fact I attempted to read the first Game of Thrones book which is similar in length and only made it 60% of the way through. Fortunately the number of characters and story lines that the reader must keep straight is far more manageable in The Stand. Game of Thrones is just far too difficult to read unless done so in a near continuous span of time.

Stephen King’s style of writing in The Stand is simple but descriptive. I found the story intriguing and the way in which the character’s stories were wound together made it that much easier to read and thus enjoy. I never once found myself bored or at risk of losing interest. There were multiple times that I had to force myself to take a break.

A minor complaint with the book is that there are a few major questions left unanswered. The supernatural aspects of the story are never really presented with a cause or explanation. They simply happen and we have to accept them.

In order to maintain a level of variety (and ensure I can actually finish 26 books by the end of the year) I will probably not include another Stephen King novel in the list as much as I would like to. I do however plan on picking up more of them for pleasure after this project is complete.

Note: This post is part of my 26 Books in 26 Weeks Goal.