The Imperfectionists

The Imperfectionists Thumb

Read: July 19 – 25, 2013

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This was the first fiction I’ve read in a very long time. Well that is not entirely true, I halfheartedly attempted to read “A Game of Throne”s but only made it 60% of the way through. Speaking of which that book is long, way too long.

I couldn’t put the darn book down. If it weren’t for those pesky responsibilities I could have read the entire thing in one sitting.

Each chapter is dedicated to a different character. At first the characters and chapters seem fairly independent of each other. Slowly there stories are naturally wound together. I knew this going into the book (I really have to stop reading so many reviews before starting a book and spoiling half the fun) and was ¬†wary it would lead to a fragmented, poorly developed story. I’m a big fan of deep character development. Fortunately the stories tie together nicely.

It is easy to read and the story really drew me in. I almost wish the book was longer so it wouldn’t have ended so soon but I guess its better to end on a high note before the reader loses interest.

There is not much else I have to say. Just a thoroughly enjoyable novel.

Note: This post is part of my 26 Books in 26 Weeks Goal.