Thailand. Well Touristed.

I’m just going to be up front about it. Thailand was my least favorite of the 8 countries we visited in Southeast Asia. It is the most touristed (which has its perks though when you are looking for some western amenities), had the least friendly people and the most scams. It did however have some of the best street food and local beer.

The number of scams force you to constantly be on guard making it hard to relax. I was lied to multiple times, approached by scammers/hawkers constantly, double charged in taxis and overall felt the least welcomed by the locals.

That being said there is a lot to do in Thailand and you can do so cheaply thanks to well developed infrastructure. For those into shopping, it can’t be beat.

Granted I have heard numerous people say the same about Vietnam, a country I loved. I am sure living there for 5 months has made me somewhat biased and perhaps I was simply unfortunate in my overall experience with Thailand.

Catfish on a stick.

One of over 200 temples ("Wat") in Chiang Mai. in Chiang Mai.“)

Monks in Thailand are revered.

Street Food in Chiang Mai. Delicious.

Siam Square.

Infamous Khao San Rd, Bangkok.

Guarding the temple for centuries.

The Grand Palace, Bangkok.

Taking in the flower market in Bangkok.

Gold flakes being places on Buddha.

The famous elephants of Thailand. I prefer the stone ones that cannot be mistreated.

Dragon Temple Architecture. A common theme in Thailand.

Chiang Mai Old City Wall.

Tuk Tuk in Bangkok.