Switching to the Lap

I’ve fought it. I’ve been winning but I finally lost.

I’ve thus far resisted going for the lap. It doesn’t have what I need and even if it did, I couldn’t afford the costs.

I’m a media buff. I like collecting stuff. Music, movies, pictures. I’m also really into figuring out solutions to problems as a developer. I need power.

My only option was a desktop. For the space, for the power, for the cost and the practicality.

For awhile it just wasn’t possible to get the power and storage I wanted with a laptop, no matter how much money you threw at the problem. Things progressed and it was possible, for a very large cost both financially and in terms sacrifices required. Want power and a lot of storage? Get your wallet out and don’t forget your power supply. Won’t be getting very far with an hour of battery life and a twelve pound monstrosity in you bag.  Oh and don’t keep it your lap, that sucker will be reaching 120° F+

I was an early adopter when the first generation netbooks came out. I picked up an Asus Netbook for around $500. The promise of low power and portable computer power suckered me in and spit me right out. Severely under powered, cheap plastic design and only marginally decent battery times. It definitely put a bitter taste in my mouth.

Its never really been a problem for me. I enjoyed building my own desktops and I enjoyed saving money. I’ve never really traveled long enough to need one.

Shortly however travelling will be a way of life and a laptop a necessity. This time I had no choice and finally broke down. I am now a laptop owner….a happy one!

There are still sacrifices that have to be made. This time around though, they are significantly smaller and less drastic. I have been using my new Samsung Series 9 for over a month and could not be happier. Powerful, sleek, and uses 1/3 as much power as my desktop at idle. Its brilliant.  The sacrifice I had to make? 128GB SSD that is blazing fast, but a little on the small size.  The speed makes up for the lack of space though.

Google Drive gives me access to my media in the cloud and Spotify fulfills my 10 hour a day music fix. I haven’t even turned my desktop on for a month.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the desktop is dead…its just limping on its last leg.