Siem Reap, Cambodia.

If there is one thing I regret about our 8 month trip throughout Southeast Asia, its that we didn’t spend more time in Cambodia. ┬áThe temples of Angkor truly are astounding. The people are extremely friendly. The food is delicious. Everything is highly affordable.

Angkor Wat at Sunrise.

Walkway around Angkor Wat.

Traditional dance at Angkor Wat.

The faces of the Bayon.

The Bayon Temple.

The details in every wall are astonishing.

The famous Ta Prohm

Taking a nap.

The entrance to Angkor Wat, as seen form Angkor Wat.

Moss covered temples of Angkor.

Laboring in incredible heat.

Fishing for a big one.

Never ending doorways.

All they wanted in return was candy.

Long walk home.

No caption required.

The temples are stunning.