Saigon Motorbike Mania

A collection of some of the more odd, yet surprisingly common things seen on motorbikes in Vietnam. Who would have thought motorbikes were such versatile vehicles?

If you look close enough you'll see a winner being picked.

Water Delivery.

As if it wasn't difficult enough...

Texting while driving a car not recommended...but a motorbike?

Sharp turn...don't fall over.

No Shirt Required.

Monks on the Go.

Light but large.

Fruit stand on the move.

Ready to haul a heavy load.

Not motoribke related...but a sweet shot. Playing some foot badminton.

Tipping point...don't get off the bike.

Family Road Trip.

Family Road Trip Version 2.

Childing standing mid-ride... surprisingly common.

Anybody need a seat?

Saigon Bike Gang!

Beer...only a motorbike ride away.

Air Compressor means Motorbike Repair.

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