Routine and Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue

We have now been in Ho Chi Minh for a little over two and a half months. Routine. It happens in even the most hectic and unknown places.  We’ve started to find our regular places. Regular restaurants. Regular coffee. Regular gas stations.

I can now go more than 2 hours without having to pull over and look at Google Maps. I now drive the wrong way on one way streets without fear of dying in a fiery wreckage.  I eat ice and cold food without thinking twice (and only pay the price for it 1/10 of the time!).

Sometimes its good to break the routine. Thankfully we have met some stellar people here and they invited us to accompany them to Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station. A butt numbing hour and forty five minute bike ride north west of the city. It is beautiful for the last half and you get to experience some very rural life.  The first half is hot, smoggy and full of traffic.

Chicks can't keep away from the sugarcane!

The wildlife rescue station is great. You have to call ahead to arrange a time to visit. The four of us got a private tour of the entire station from the manager. The animals are all rescued from the illegal animal trade in Vietnam and they are definitely in great hands. We were extremely impressed with the condition of the enclosures and the animals. It is definitely worth a visit if you are in Ho Chi Minh. You can even catch public transportation the entire way, but I highly recommend taking a motoribike there. It really lets you take in the surroundings.

A moon bear that lost his leg in a Trap. Was rescued form a Bile Farm!

These guys loved human interaction.

Color me blue. Were very easily 'aroused'.

Color me blue. Were very easily 'aroused'.

Gibbons are the best. They even know how to "pull my finger".