Naturally, Kenya

Buffalo among the flamingos in Nakuru Park.

Cheeky Baboon stealing from the litter bin.

Chicks at sunset.

Nakuru park becomes more and more flooded each year.

What once was a road in Nakuru National Park.

Giraffe on the move. Nakuru National Park.

Cyclist in training.

Local children in Lwalla.

Taking in Lwalla's countryside.

There is a ton of livestock.

Woops. Graffiti in Hell's Gate.

Fallen tree in a dried riverbed, Hell's Gate.

Obama Lollipop. They love him and everyone claims to be related to him.

A Rock Hyrax in Hell's Gate.

Warthog. Nakuru National Park.

Zebra in Hell's Gate.

A baby lamb and his momma.

Biking through Hells Gate.

Blood: Water Mission

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