Life in Saigon

Humidity. Lots and lots of humidity.

Motorbikes. The thrill of weaving in and out of traffic, as if there are no consequences because really…there are none. Riding on the back of of a Xe Ôm for $1, half way across town. It lends a whole new level of appreciation to the city.

Traffic. There is a ton of it, but it constantly moves. No stand still traffic like home. I’d estimate 49 for every 50 vehicles is a motorbike. Traffic in a sea of motorbikes is better than traffic in a sea of cars.

The smog. The pollution due to the said traffic.

Food. Flavorful. Tasty. Questionably sanitized grub.

Dirt. Dirty, dirty streets. Human feces, rats, you name it.

Fish. Barely Alive.

Meat at the Market

Ho Chi Minh Market

Vietnam Drive-Thru at Fruit Stand

Ho Chi Minh Statue.

Stark Contrast of New and Old.

Stark Contrast of New and Old.

Peace amid the chaos.


Tao Dan Park

Fun in Tao Dan Park.

Juices...Sugary Juices

Just Chilling on a Tank.

Mother, Son Team.

Luxury Apartments