Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

Labuan Bajo is the main launching point for excursions to Komodo National Park. There is a tiny airport a few KM from town (walking into town took us about 50 minutes, not recommended during the heat of the day). The town itself has little draw other than a place to stay and grab a meal. Following the trend of Bali and Lombok during high season expect to pay a lot for a little, especially for accommodations (compared to the rest of Southeast Asia).

The main attraction is the diving/snorkeling/trekking/sight-seeing on the surrounding islands. The scenery is phenomenal, the water crystal clear and the aquatic life abundant. Its a snorkeler’s and diver’s dream. ¬†Seraya island was the best snorkeling I’ve ever done by far.

Labuan Bajo can be difficult to get to but definitely worth the effort. Just keep in mind the expectation that a boat is required for anything of interest.

Labuan Bajo Airport.

Some Komodo Dragons cuddling. Too bad their cannibals.

During dry season...its really dry.

The drop-off is stunning. We snorkeled with a pack of 7 sharks here.

Phenomenal sunsets to be had every night in Labuan Bajo.

The colors. Just amazing.

Seraya Island. Our own private paradise for three days.

A Toilet. A hole into the ocean.

Bintang Beer, my favorite of all Southeast Asian Beer.

Finding a way through the clouds.