Journey Through Malaysia

Food. Varied, delicious food. This is what I will remember about Malaysia. The food courts (different than food courts we know in the US) are teeming with options. Indian, Chinese and Malay all simmer together to create a hodgepodge of deliciousness. Most dishes for under $2.

Our trip to Malaysia was short at just 2 weeks but we were able to cover quite a bit of ground.  We started in Langkawi, headed to Penang, and finally crossed over to Malaysian Borneo (Kuching).

Langkawi was a beautiful island retreat, Penang a teeming city with more than enough options for the tourist, and Borneo was a nature lover’s dream.

Ants in Bako Park. Miles of ants.

Bako National Park entrance.

The famed cobra of Bako National Park.

The waterfall we walked 6km to reach in Bako National Park.

The Camera Museum in Penang.

Langkawi from the top of the Cable Car.

Langkawi Sky Bridge.

I'm thinking of quitting my day job.

A food court vendor in Penang.

Penang Heritage Walk.

The Moustache Houze. Closed unfortunately.

Guarding his temple.

Semenggoh Orangutan Kuching.