Its a Zoo Out There...Saigon.

Saigon, never be bored. A Senior Citizen’s paradise (i.e unparalleled people watching) and land of pitiful bathrooms. Where paper towels instantly fall apart on first sight of water and soap is nowhere to be found.

Fan..shrouded in smoke.](/media/images/smoky-fan.jpg) Fan..shrouded in smoke.

Neglected Elephants at Saigon Zoo.

Saigon Botanical Gardens.

Hippos at the Saigon Zoo.

Neon Lights and Religion, two unlikely combinations seen everywhere in Saigon.

Notre Dame Cathedral...Saigon Edition.

Itchin' the armpits...Orangutan style.

Ally Pagoda.

Our Apartment's Rooftop.

In a daze of incense.

Street Stand. Flavorful. Hygenic?

Turtle Pond outside Pagoda. Drop in a turtle...instant fertility!

Saigon Style Utilities.