Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 - Update Your Drivers

I wanted to blame my router. I did blame my router. My past experiences have proven consumer grade routers to be one step above printers in terms of quality and reliability.  If my connection was flaky simply pull the plug on the router, wait 30 seconds and plugin it back in. Voila.

This time was different.  Pulling the plug on the router was a risky venture. It is shared between four other apartments. When I did manage to sneak in a quick reset, the results were inconsistent. I’d regain connectivity for an hour one time, 5 minutes the next.

75% of the time I’d still be connected to my router’s internal network, but could not reach the internet. Other devices could connected to the same device had no problem accessing the internet. The other 25% of the time my wireless adapter became stuck in an infinite loop of attempting to connect the the network and failing.

The moral of this story? Update your freaking drivers, then waste the 10 hours fiddling with settings trying to fish out any incompatibilities between your router and network adapter if things still don’t work.  Turns out my network adapter, the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 has quite a few  issues with its older drivers. Here is the direct link to download the latest drivers.

Updating the drivers did the trick for me, thus saving my laptop from a suicide leap out of the third floor window.

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