Hiking Mt Rinjani

While in Lombok, Indonesia we made the very rash decision to hike to the top of Mt Rinjani. It was three days and two nights of stunning views and never ending lactic acid.

This was not only one of our most careless decisions but also our best. Exhilarating, exhausting, and absolutely worth every moment of agony. In those three days we walked over 25km with a total vertical distance of over 8km. We were wildly unprepared and definitely paid for it. Our recovery period consisted of two days of nothing but sleeping and feasting.

To make matters worse, each hiker has a porter who carries their tent, cooking supplies and all food and water. They carry this while wearing flip-flops and in easily half the time it takes us normal people. Demoralizing and motivating at the same time.

The start of our trek up Mt. Rinjani.

View from above the clouds.

Our camp for the first night 900M below the summit.

Mt Rinjani's Crater.

We ascended the summit at 3am by torch light. Going down makes me glad I couldn't see anything going up.

Sunrise as viewed 3.6km above sea-level.

The crater as seen from the summit.

Descending Mt Rinjani's Summit.

Our only shower for three days. The Hot Springs.

Sunset as seen from our campsite on the second night.

Stunning view of neighboring mountains.

The volcano in the crater.