Four Day Trip to Mui Ne

Ho Chi Minh is exhilarating.  It is fast paced.  It is vibrant. It can start to wear on you. After seeing your third person defecating in broad daylight on the sidewalk in one week and not even thinking twice about it? It might be time to take a break.

With four days available to us o/media/images/ur options were basically Da Lat, Phu Quoc Island and Mui Ne. Phu Quoc Island requires almost an entire day of travel each way, so even though it was our top choice, we chose to save it for another time. Da Lat is currently cold enough to require a jacket…not gonna happen. Mui Ne it was!

One arduous six hour bus drive there (which paled in comparison to our bus trip home, never ever use Tam Hanh Bus Company!). Bus Tickets were $12/person each way. So a total of $48 for the both of us round-trip.  We managed to book a phenomenal boutique hotel while we were there (Shades Mui Ne). Excellent choice.

Mui Ne Shades Resort.

![Mui Ne Shades Resort Beach View at Sunset.](/media/images/mui-ne-shades-resort-sunset.jpg “Mui Ne Shades Resort Beach View at Sunset.

Three days of ultra relaxing ,coffee sipping, book reading, happy hour indulging times by the pool and beach. During the day Mui Ne is nothing but a sleepy beach town, its really too hot to do much of anything else. By night..well its basically the same but with far more food options.  There is a long (proably ½ km) of seafood stalls serving all of the fresh (sea)food you could ever want. Snake, Eel, Shark, Fish, Clams, Frog, Lizard you name it.

Alligator in Mui Ne

Just like Ho Chi Minh, the only way to travel is by Motorbike. For $8/day you have freedom. Unlike Ho Chi Minh, Mui Ne’s traffic is essentially non-existent.

Mui Ne by Motorbike

Mui Ne is most well known for their white and red sand dunes. The red sand dunes are a quick 15 minute bike ride outside of town. The white sand dunes are a 45-60 minute ride outside of town.  On our first day with the motorbike we drove by the red sand dunes. Litter, hawkers, tourists everywhere!  The next morning we woke at 4:30AM and were on the road by 4:45AM with the goal of making it to the white sand dunes by sunrise. After making one incorrect turn and driving only a little too fast for comfort we barely made it at 5:30.  It turned out to be totally worth it:

Mui Ne White Sand Dunes

Mui Ne White Sand Dunes

On Top of the White Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

The motorbike drive home was fairly uneventful but we were able to see quite a few locals out and about.

Livestock on the Highway.

Might as well be on the Oregon trial.

Of course any place in Vietnam wouldn’t be complete without adorable little kids everywhere.

Camera shy kid. We had to sneakily take his photo.

Unfortunately our bus ride home put quite a damper on a trip that was otherwise fantastic. The Air Conditioner broke down 30 minutes into the ride.  Our only source of air being the bus door  at the front of the bus with us sitting in the back. The breeze might not have made it back, but the smells certainly did! Also I’m pretty sure this is the text all bus agencies put out with their wanted ads:

Wanted. The most unapologetic, rude and dislikeable people please apply. Complete disdain for tourists a bonus. Complete disdain for locals even more of a plus. Don’t bother applying if you care, about anything.

But it will all be OK because of this guy:

Chihuahua in Mui Ne