Enders Game, Excellent.

Enders Game Cover.

Date Read: September 20 – 25th, 2013

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After hearing such good things about Ender’s Game I was afraid my expectations were set too high and I would be disappointed. My general distaste for science fiction healthily balanced out the high expectations though and I ended up thoroughly enjoying it.

What I like about Ender’s Game is that the science fiction complements the story and the characters, not the other way around. The story and character development comes first, science fiction is simply there to help.

The children in Ender’s game are young but their opinions and thoughts are of that of someone much older. For me this was less believable than the science fiction. Adding five years to all of the characters would not minimize the effect nor would it detract from the point but would lend itself to a more credible premise. This is my one complaint.

The story is fantastic. It flows very well and is enjoyable the whole time. In fact I found myself wishing it was longer. I can understand why it is a book people read multiple times, I already want to read it again.

Definitely in my top 5 fiction books (granted that list is barely over 5, but I don’t see it dropping out either).

Note: This post is part of my 26 Books in 26 Weeks Goal.