Charming, Myanmar

Myanmar. Oppressive Government. Remarkably friendly and welcoming people.

Two weeks before our scheduled arrival Myanmar was struck by 5 separate (minor, but still) bombings. I am so glad we did not cancel (although we almost did, numerous times).

Myanmar truly is largely unaffected by tourism and that is a fantastic thing. Take stunning natural beauty, throw in delicious food, millions of smiling faces genuinely happy to have you and you have one heck of a place to visit. Highly recommended.

Say Hello....

Fisherman demonstrating the burmese 'row' with one leg.

Scaring the fish into your net.

Lakefront property.

Floating house in the middle of Inle lake.

The famous traditional fisherman of Inle Lake.

Waiting for the boat races.

Traditional boat races.

Temples on Inle Lake.

Temples as far as the eye can see in Bagan.

The temples of Bagan.

Shwedagon Pagoda

It makes for a great picture.

Everywhere you go the children beg to have their picture taken.

Flying a kite seems to be the popular form of entertainment.

Cows taking it easy Nyaungshwe.

Our boat captain for the day on Lake Inle.

Ferry on Lake Inle.