Assimilating. Trying to find our place in this crazy little town.

Do you have a bigger size?

See what did I tell you? Fitting right in. I look like a local. Pay no attention to the two foot height difference and skin tone. I already know at least fifteen words in Vietnamese, I’m basically fluent.

Touring the Mekong with a Ninja.

Doing touristy stuff. It must be done, at least for the pictures and bragging rights. We already find ourselves being selfish. Too many white people? We have to get out of this part of town. We want to be the only white people.

Pagoda on a hill.

Buddha. Looking good.](/media/images/P3161970.jpg) “Buddha. Looking good.”)

Tea. Daily.

Vietnam Rest Stop.

Grub. Good grub everywhere for cheap.  Seriously. Coming back obese and diabetic.

His. Hers.

French Influences.

Ca Phe Da.