With the number of blogs increasing exponentially every year one has to ask, why another? I’ve tried blogging once before and could only keep it going for three months. At the time it was a novelty and once that wore off there was no real motivation to keep it going.

My first and only attempt was over four years ago. I’ve entertained the idea of starting a personal blog a few times since then but it was a fleeting fantasy.

People blog for the thrill of writing, to share their personal life, for profit, to avoid boredom, introspection and any other number of reasons. This time I’m blogging for accountability.

Settings goals is easy. Accountability to those goals is difficult. 

This blog is my accountability to specific goals both professionally and personally. For me, public accountability is a significantly stronger motivator than private accountability. Its easy to shrug off and forget about goals no one else knows about.

This post and the goals it describes are intentionally vague. I will detail my goals with what I hope is extreme transparency in the very near future. There are quite a few goals that still need to be defined and a few that are not appropriate for public consumption yet.

This is a personal experiment and is definitely me stepping out of my comfort zone. Lets begin.