AAdvantage Requires Marketing Subscription to Maintain Benefits.

Screenshot of signup requirement.

In what has become a monthly task, I comb my email and unsubscribe from newsletters that I habitually archive/delete without even opening the darn thing. These marketing newsletters tend to accumulate over the years and occasionally they need to be culled for sanity’s sake. One of the newsletters on the chopping block this time around was AAdvantage (American Airline’s Frequent Flier Program).

I was unpleasantly surprised to find that by unsubscribing to their marketing emails, I was also unsubscribing from my premium benefits. That’s right, in order to unsubscribe from their marketing garbage, I’m required to relinquish some of my benefits of the program. Reading through the CAN-SPAM act I can’t actually find a requirement being broken. The practice seems to be legit albeit highly annoying and borderline shady.

The text:

If you unsubscribe from email updates, your benefits will be reduced to one AAdvantage mile per dollar spent. Only members who have signed up to receive emails and provide a valid, deliverable email address will be eligible for our top dining reward levels.

Thank goodness for Gmail filters. Straight to trash you go AAdvantage.

On a related note I should call out two other culprits in the marketing email arena. I have now attempted to unsubscribe from Fandago’s marketing mail over 5 times in the past two years and I am still getting them (well my trash is getting them, occasionally I check to see if they ever removed me off their list). I am not the only one.  I recently unsubscribed from Best Buy’s mail and of course get the “We have ten days to process your unsubscribing”, even though it should theoretically take less than a second (although there are a few valid reasons for a ten day wait period). I swear in the ten day period since I’ve unsubscribed, the rate of emails from Best Buy has doubled. They are milking me for every last penny.

Full Screenshot of signup requirement.