Hi, I’m Kyle Thielk.

I’m a software developer based in Austin, Tx. You can find me on Twitter as @KyleThielk, my open source projects on Github and my professional resume on LinkedIn.

I became interested in software development when I created my first website (The Planted Tank) and I started playing around with PHP and MySQL. I grew that website to over 650K uniques a month, purchased some others and sold them all in 2012.

I started my professional career developing backend Java systems and have been transitioning to the other side ever since. I’m currently consulting with a focus on native Android and iOS development. I’m always looking for the next exciting project to work on. Get in Touch..

This blog is generated by Octopress and hosted on Github. Ditch self hosted wordpress. You can thank me later.

I’m married with two french bulldogs and a baby girl on the way!